Summertree Medical Clinic
344, Bloor St. West, Suite 209, Toronto, Ontario

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About Summertree Medical Clinic

Summertree is the only cannabis clinic in Canada operated by a Rheumatologist.  No membership fee – your visit is completely covered by OHIP.We support patients seeking prescriptions for personal production of cannabis – we’ll help you apply to grow your own marijuana. Located in downtown Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood, Summertree Medical Clinic is a Cannabinoid Chronic Pain Clinic currently accepting referrals. Booking an appointment at Summertree requires a referral from your physician.

Services :

Summertree Medical Clinic holds a unique position in the management of chronic pain as the only medical cannabinoid clinic in Canada helmed by a rheumatologist. Our primary focus is the care of patients struggling with chronic pain due to joint and nerve damage. Those struggling with pain, disability, disrupted sleep, insomnia, and fatigue are typical patients seen at the clinic. Arthritis, soft tissue, and nerve pain respond well to cannabinoid therapy. Consultations for the ACMPR program are free of charge.

Arthritis :

Arthritis is joint inflammation or damage that leads to pain and disability. There are many causes for arthritis, including wear and tear, inflammation or previous accidental injury. Beyond pain, stiffness, loss of flexibility, fatigue, and poor sleep are other symptoms associated with arthritis that can negatively affect quality of life.

Soft Tissue Pain :

Soft Tissue pain can occur through direct injury, or referred from other sites in the body. Aching, or swelling of muscles, tendons, and bursae are common features.

Nerve Damage :

Nerve damage, spasm and pain occurs in conditions such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, injury or as a side effect of medications (e.g., chemotherapy). Common symptoms include shooting or burning pain; pins and needles; or numbness.


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