Toronto Poly Clinic
5460, Yonge Street Unit # 204 , Toronto, Ontario

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About Toronto Poly Clinic

Toronto Poly Clinic is a pain clinic with responsibility in mind. We believe in a Multi-disciplinary philosophy of pain management. We specialize in Chronic Pain and its affects on the human body. Our goal is to formulate a treatment plan to bring lasting relief to our patients. The purpose of this multidisciplinary program is to improve both the physical and psychological effects of pain.

A broad view of human health and diseases from different specialties is needed to understand the whole person and their suffering. A prominent Persian poet philosopher named Rumi once described a story about an elephant in a dark room. No one could see in darkness yet they tried to describe the shape of the elephant by touching and describing what they felt.

Every person would come across this big mystery from their own angle, one would think this animal looks like a pillar because they felt the elephant’s legs, the other would think it looks like a fan by feeling the elephant’s ears. No one had the whole picture so the real picture was not found. We can use the same analogy in Chronic Pain. This problem has many shapes and ways to affect a person’s life. Unless we look at this problem from different angles and specialties with sharing the information to find the big picture, it would be impossible to understand this master of human’s life which is worse than death itself, as once the German physician Albert Schweitzer has described when he won the peace noble prize for helping patients in Africa.

Only with a multi-disciplinary approach we can get closer to correct diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Pain. Physical, Psychological, Medical and even alternative medicine science can be used for diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Pain.

Once we combine these sciences and their treatment modalities, we may be able to help pain patients better. Toronto Poly Clinic with two branches in Toronto and Thornhill is providing multi disciplinary pain management to pain patients.


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